– Fascial Stretch Specialist
– Massage Therapist

– Clients include pro athletes from the NFL, MLB, NHL and WTA as well as local university and HS players

Top Certified Therapist!
Sarah Cruikshank is recognized as one of only three individuals in the state of Maryland who is licensed and certified as a massage therapist and as a stretch therapist. She is licensed and certified by both the State of Maryland and the NCTMB as a Massage Therapist and a Level III Fascial Stretch Specialist by the Stretch to Win Institute. She has been practicing FST and massage therapy since 2011, after earning her massage certification from AACC. Sarah also holds an Associates Degree in Science from Webster College.

Personalized to Meet Your Individual Needs
Sarah is passionate about the positive effects of massage and stretch therapy on the body and mind. She can provide a variety of massage and stretch related services including those for sore post-workout muscles, injury rehabilitation, preparation for athletic events, or just forgetting about life’s stresses for an hour. Sarah works with her clients to create personalized stretch and massage programs based on needs, desired outcomes, and input from personal trainers. Sarah encourages everyone to try massage and stretch therapy so they can decide if it’s something that should be added to their regular self-care and help them become a better-conditioned athlete or individual.

Sarah will design a treatment program to fit your needs for Fascial Stretch Therapy and massage services. Call 202-425-2215 or email to schedule your initial consultation with Sarah today. Appointments can be held at Future of Fitness in Crofton, MD or on the field at your next sporting event.